Drug Death Grief Counseling in Spokane, WA

Losing a Loved One to Suicide, Drugs or Alcohol Can Be Devastating

For over 30 years we have provided healing grief counseling for death and tragic loss to suicide, alcohol/drug, trauma, and other events.


Complicated Loss From Tragedy Is Different Than Most Grief


Losing a loved-one is challenging.

When the loss is to drug/alcohol abuse, suicide, trauma, or violence, healing can be more difficult and feel almost impossible.

You and your family can experience greater anger at others involved in the tragedy and aftermath. Anger towards those who did not recognize a depression; those who introduced to, supplied to, or used drugs/alcohol with the deceased; the police and their role; or others connected to the death, etc. This slows healing.

Whether the death was anticipated or sudden, there is often more guilt than from other causes of loss, especially if you and the family saw a downhill slide and couldn’t stop the self-destructive behavior pattern.

For many families that have suffered other complicated losses, previous patterns for coping can actually hinder healing with more discomfort.

With drug/alcohol abuse or addiction, there is almost always an accumulation of unresolved losses (e.g. a pattern of stealing from family, not paying back loans, lying, or intense emotions, lost jobs, etc.) that lead to resentments, loss of trust, and loss of emotional safety. Healing is more difficult for you and your family, but is even more critical for restoring everyone’s emotional health.

If you and your family are less familiar with the process of grieving, you may feel challenged in how to move forward to resolution.

A tendency for drug/alcohol problems often travels in families (sometimes genetically). Generational patterns of family losses to alcohol/drug abuse often further challenge the process of grieving and healing. We work with this daily.

You and your family may have found that routine counseling did not sufficiently support healing when grief was complicated and/or compounded.  We skillfully facilitate the process of building capacity so you and your family can heal from these losses.

The Family Recovery Process optimally supports families suffering the loss of a loved-one in circumstances precipitating complicated grief.  The process also helps build capacity for healing that increases family emotional health and coping while reducing alcohol/drug abuse risks in other family members and children.