Coronavirus Precautions

The counseling services we provide directly support individuals and families in surviving addiction, suicide, and other associated challenges like depression. We have been providing clients direct support in reducing their risks and coping with the stresses of the pandemic while staying sober. We will continue to see those clients needing and desiring our life-saving services. A physician has inspected our procedures and offices, and we are asking you to join us in these preventative steps.

  1. We make protective gloves available in the waiting room. We disinfect all door and restroom handles (10) between each session.
  2. Our chairs are 5-6 feet distant from the counselor.
  3. Please bring your own pens and note pads. In the counseling process, we encourage you to write down our recommendations for making optimal changes in your life, but we cannot replace tablets and pens with each and every family we see. We will continue to make them available, but cannot clean them between sessions.
  4. We offer bottled water, but instead of handing them out, they will be available on the waiting room table for you to pull directly from the plastic case.
  5. With the numerous tissue boxes on tables and at your feet, we encourage you to not pick up boxes, but simply pull tissues for use.
  6. We request you not use credit cards, but simply hand us a check.
  7. When using a credit card we ask you to place it on the desk, we will read and enter the numbers from the front of the card, and then have you pick it up to read the three numbers from the back. No signature is required.
  8. Disinfecting wipes are available in the restroom for use with flush handles, sink levers, and door handles. They are also available in the session room.
  9. Family therapy cannot be conducted by video, however individual therapy can. We are happy to utilize this if desired.

Thank you for your consideration as we work together supporting better physical and emotional health.