Ask your interventionist what legal claim has recently been made against an interventionist and how your interventionist professionally avoids such risks? Then check the state website for chemical dependency counselors, of interventionists that have been sanctioned by the State of Washington. Joe Terhaar is a full member of the Association of Intervention Specialists and a Certified Intervention Profession, and in good standing.

What well-recognized intervention strategy is optimal to use in a case that the intervention recipient does not accept help and immediately enter treatment?

What specifically must the interventionist do to address the risk of suicide?

Specifically how should the intervention strategy be adapted to your family member’s drug of choice (or other addiction)?

What does research guide regarding the order of presentation when reading scripts?

Should young children be involved in an intervention presentation?

What is the single greatest, and most easily avoidable, ethical issue of intervention?

There are a number of common aspects of intervention that are vulnerable to unethical application? What is the most common in the professional literature?

From research, how do you know if the drug use constitutes an addiction? Does it make a difference?

If a dentist only knew how to pull teeth, you could find a new dentist. If your interventionist only knows one of the ten strategies of intervention, find a better educated and trained interventionist.