Drug Addiction Counseling

The Family Is In Pain

When over time a person with an addiction distorts his or her mind and emotions with alcohol or other drugs of abuse (or other compulsive behavior like eating disorders), the chemical impact on the brain becomes ingrained. This damage alters and disrupts emotions, thus harming relationships; especially in the family. This is why drug rehab is necessary to prevent death and disability.

In the immediate family, but often also through generations, these patterns impair each individual’s emotional and decision-making capacities. This interferes with the ability to develop healthy relationships and overcome addiction. Drug and alcohol treatment supports the individual in starting to make the changes so he or she can stop the drug use and recover. But, at best, treatment only starts to help the family in beginning to recover and heal. Without help for growing beyond the pain, the family patterns continue, toward relapse.

Helping Families Heal

… at best, treatment only starts to help the family…

Families struggling with addiction need help to recover from the years, and sometimes generations, of relationship damage. In this positive and affirming recovery process, each family member gets support for healing. This provides for trust and emotional intimacy as a family; a first for many. Emphasis is placed on mutually building healthy emotional management, communication, conflict resolution, and problem-solving skills as a family. We also offer discrete services for families of mental health, social work, and chemical dependency professionals.

Families Want Help

Many years ago families came to us asking for family-centered help. They knew drug treatment for one member was critical, but didn’t support the whole family in recovering from the damage of addiction. Families suffering from addiction have grown tired of the expense and confusion of many members seeing a variety of counselors, but none working and growing together, as a family.