Family Recovery Program

There are three components of the family addiction recovery program:

 1. Family Therapy Sessions

Each person in the family, and the family as a whole, receives the support to develop new and healthier ways of living and growing together. This is not family education, it is family therapy that is affirming and positive for each member of the family in healing. Each family member learns to emotionally support each other in acquiring and using the skills that healthy families use to live and grow together.

 2. Children’s Art Therapy

For those families with young children, art is integrated into the sessions. All sessions begin with the whole family but include specific developmentally appropriate support for the children’s growth with art therapy. This program accommodates most configurations of families: those with young kids, teen kids, no kids, adult and raised kids, etc.

 3. Support for Sobriety

We focus on sobriety, incorporating traditional inpatient and outpatient programs as needed. Self-help programs and urinalysis are integral in this family-centered recovery process. One of the critical advantages of the family-centered approach is in welcoming the family at the beginning of the process with a valid family-supported assessment.