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Family Recovery Program

There are three components of the family addiction recovery program:  1. Family Therapy Sessions Each person in the family, and the family as a whole, receives the support to develop new and healthier ways of living and growing together. This is not family education, it is family therapy that is affirming and positive for each …

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Treatment Philosophy

Philosophy of Helping A Loved-One Into Treatment Early: The idea of the family taking the initiative to intervene in a loved-one’s alcohol/drug use (or other compulsive and self-destructive behavior) was first developed in the 1970s by Dr. Vernon Johnson. Similar to techniques used by large companies helping employees get into treatment, he framed his strategy …

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Getting into Treatment

For Whom: When drug use, or another compulsive behavior, grabs a loved-one’s brain, together those who care have the power to get the person into treatment. Whether for a spouse, friend, sibling, child, partner, or coworker, we provide family solutions for addiction/compulsive problems. We offer seven strategies of family intervention (including invitation and non-confrontation) in …

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Family Centered Addiction Recovery

Intervention Specialists, LLC. Family – Centered Addiction Recovery Program: Providing quality counseling services throughout the entire family addiction recovery process: From helping get a loved one to enter treatment, to family recovery and healing during and after drug/alcohol treatment. Serving Spokane and the Inland Northwest