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NOTE: The names below have been changed.

From: XXXX X.
Sent: February, 2011 5:50 PM
To: ‘Dr Joe’
Subject: Extremely grateful

Dear Joe,

I wonder if you realize how much you have helped our family by helping us do the right thing for our sister, Bobbi.

I love her so much and have spent many years praying for her.  We used to be very close. I was so hit by God’s grace in letting my mom hear that Bobbi signed a release to let mom know that she was somewhere safe and that she was getting help. This just touched me so much — because it showed a bit of compassion for mom just to say she was ok.  This made both mom and I break into tears on the phone.

You have been extremely patient, putting extra hours for us over the last days.

Thank you so very much — and I hope God’s grace and blessing will continue in your life and work!

Thank you again —

–Shannon K.